Explore New BMW 6 Series Safety Features

The all-new BMW 6 Series has long been recognized as a full-size luxury car that is packed with countless features drivers appreciate. These are two features in the new BMW 6 Series getting attention this year.

The way that the Lane Departure Warning feature in the new BMW 6 Series works to protect drivers is incredible. Scanning the road surface, if the vehicle drifts over the lane lines, the steering wheel vibrates. This continues until the driver takes action to correct the issue. 

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BMW 4 Series Features and Overview

The BMW 4 Series lineup has been given a light refresh this year, and it has earned itself a top 10 ranking from US News & World Report for luxury small cars. There is a lot of competition in this market, but what drivers like most is the reliability, comfort, tech, and power that comes with the 4 series. Larger than the BMW 3 series and sportier than a sedan, the 4 series finds a comfortable place to deliver horsepower and nimble handling with lots of bonus features.

The standard trim comes loaded with new features for driver safety and infotainment…

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See What the BMW 5 Series Offers for Your Denver Adventures

The BMW 5 Series is a smart choice when you are looking for a sedan. This popular mid-size luxury sedan has much to offer to a driver like you.

The BMW 5 Series is set up with a powerful engine that will make you feel confident in the vehicle's capability and proud of the way that the vehicle drives. The BMW 5 Series allows you to get navigation information and more by using your voice or hand gestures. This helps you keep from being too distracted while you are driving and looking for help. 

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The BMW 3 Series Will Have You Driving with Confidence

The search for a perfect vehicle is one that requires much of your time and effort, and the BMW 3 Series provides you with just what you are looking for in a vehicle. If you are seeking a popular small luxury sedan or wagon, you will find that with the BMW 3 Series.

You will love the look of the BMW 3 Series vehicles and the way that they help you feel pride as you drive around in them. The special kidney grille used on these vehicles helps them to stand apart from other luxury cars. 

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Luxury Meets Performance in the 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series serves as BMW’s flagship full-size luxury performance car for a reason. We here at BMW of Denver Downtown are excited to introduce some of the features of this car.

It’s not enough for the 7 Series to to have a powerful V-12 or such a luxurious design. The 7 Series utilizes the latest technology in the auto industry to adapt to your driving style and road conditions automatically. This allows the BMW to help you handle the drive under a variety of conditions. 

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All-new 2019 BMW X5

BMW to reveal completely redesigned X5

When it comes to BMW, there’s nothing that gets you on the edge of your seat quite like a new model release. Especially when some major design and component changes have been made. And with the 2019 BMW X5, that’s exactly what we’re getting.


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The Sporty BMW 2 Series

The BMW 2 Series is a classic series of cars that have captivated drivers for quite some time. The 2 Series consists of sporty looking coupes and convertibles that allow you to have fun while driving the streets of Denver, Colorado and beyond.

There are many different engine options with the 2 Series. For the driver that really wants some powerful performance, there is the 335 horsepower engine available in the M240i Coupe. This vehicle can accelerate from zero to 60 in only 4.2 seconds. 

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Maintain Your Car Battery With Simple Tips

When a battery is tested with a voltmeter during a maintenance routine, the panel will provide information about voltage. By using this data, you can implement proper procedures to enhance how efficiently your vehicle operates.

Begin the maintenance process by placing the voltmeter wiring on the battery terminal in the proper spots. Most units have color-coded hardware that simplifies the mounting process. Once the voltmeter detects the energy, you can determine how long you can use the battery. 

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When Should I Get My Fuel System Serviced?

Fuel system service can be an issue that is a bit confusing to a car owner. Car dealers and repair shops regularly recommend that a person obtain fuel system service. On the other hand, fuel system service is not always included on the master maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer.

There are some signs that your fuel system definitely is in need of service. These include poor acceleration, rough idle, stalling, or high emissions levels. There are fuel additives that are advertised as being capable of keeping fuel injectors clean. 

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Avoid Gasket Failure

Many vehicle owners pay little attention to the vehicle's gaskets. However, gaskets play a vital role in keeping your vehicle running down the road. If a gasket blows or fails, you will be facing some significant repair bills. There are ways that you can help maintain the gaskets in your vehicle.

One of the best ways to keep gaskets functioning properly is to change the oil in your vehicle on a regular basis. It is also important to change the coolant in your vehicle as well. 

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