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Your BMW is an amazing machine. And like any other machine, it needs ongoing service and maintenance. You need to keep your car battery in shape because it can affect your vehicle performance tremendously. Your battery keeps your engine starting and also powers all the electrical components in your car.

Routine maintenance is critical to extend the life of your BMW battery and it’s very important to recognize the signs that something could be wrong with it.

The best way to keep your battery in good shape is by having your BMW serviced at BMW of Denver Downtown. Our BMW certified professional technicians will take care of it; and if you need to replace it, we will help you choose the best battery for your vehicle.

How Long Does A Battery Last?

If you are driving in ideal conditions with no extreme temperatures or humidity, a good battery could last up to 4 years, sometimes a little more. But remember, your battery needs ongoing service and maintenance. Ask your BMW technician to check your battery next time your vehicle is in for regular service.

6 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Battery

  1. Slow Starting Engine
  2. The Check Engine Light Is On And/Or The Battery Icon Is On
  3. Contorted Battery Case
  4. Corroded Connections
  5. There Is A Leak
  6. The Battery Is 4 Years Old Or Older

What Causes A Battery To Die Quickly

Your battery keeps its charge by reusing the energy generated from driving. Short trips or a car sitting for long periods of time won’t allow the battery to recharge and can shorten its life span.

Tips To Maintain Your Battery

  1. Clean Any Corrosion Around The Terminals
  2. Check Your Battery Connections
  3. Always Turn The Lights Off
  4. Park In Shade
  5. Bring Your BMW For A Battery Inspection

Is It The Battery Or The Alternator?

The alternator regulates the electric current your battery gets during recharging while you drive. If your vehicle starts but stalls during the ride, you have problems with dimming lights or audio system outputs, it’s possible your battery is not getting charged due to a failing alternator.

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