With a pair of stunning models coming to the BMW EV lineup, you might be wondering how the compare to the diverse lineup of EVs currently coming to the Denver area. With both the BMW i4 and BMW iX EVs on their way to BMW of Denver Downtown, you’ll find a electric driving experience that does more than just ease your environmental burden.

Ferocious Performance

These newest BMW models live up to the title of “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, even without the fuel-burning, turbo-spooling excitement of gas-burning models. In fact, up to 811 pound-feet of torque and over 600 horsepower in both the BMW i4 and iX models make them thrilling additions to the new BMW lineup. And with a raft of BMW engineering underpinning the suspension, these EV models feel every bit as agile and responsive despite the added weight of the batteries and electric motors.

Premium Tech

Both the new BMW i4 Sedan and iX SUV come with a dual-panel widescreen display that encompasses both the infotainment display and instrument cluster. It allows for a wider range of custom options to let you see all of the information that matters to you. And with voice-activated tech in the updated BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, you can control nearly every function without ever lifting a finger.

Complimentary Charging

For the first two years, you can use any Electrify America fast-charging station for free, and enjoy 30-minute fast charging that recovers up to 80 percent of your range in the time it takes to grab lunch. This makes planning longer road trips easy, and you can even pre-plan your routes and charge stops so you always know how your day on the road will play out.

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