When our car fails to start, we almost immediately blame the battery. There are many components that make up the system that gets your engine running, however, and any one of them can fail. Your starter and its constituent parts, like the solenoid and flywheel, can fail for many different reasons and will need replacing.

Keep your ears and eyes alert if your vehicle is having trouble starting. If you hear a whirring noise when you turn the starter, but your engine fails to turn over, this is a bad sign and indicates you should immediately take your vehicle to a mechanic. Likewise, if you see smoke coming from your engine when you try to start it, it's immediate cause for alarm. You should also pay attention to any grating noises, as this indicates a worn drive gear.

If you notice some of the tell-tale signs of a failing starter, bring your car to BMW of Denver Downtown to have our expert mechanics inspect or replace it.



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