The right tires play a big part in how your car handles on the road. Even the most careful BMW owner can't be sure his/her tires avoid damage. Thankfully, BMW road hazard tire coverage could help out in a bad situation

The roads present scores of hazards to tires. Nails, bolts, glass, and various objects on the road could pierce the rubber. Once this happens, the tire soon goes flat. Replacing the tires could be costly. With BMW's road coverage deal in place, drivers can take their car to a specific center and procure new replacements.

Be aware that drivers must purchase tires approved by BMV to qualify for the coverage. BMW wants to make sure drivers acquire the best tires before affording road hazard coverage. OEM, OEA or WIN tires represent the appropriate ones.

Make sure you drive around with the right tires. Come by BMW of Denver Downtown to purchase BMW-approved tires.



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