BMW Certified Pre-Owned Overview

If you are searching for a luxury car but you think a new one might be out of your price range, then the BMW Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program could be ideal for you. It has high standards of entry, but it is flexible enough to help you find what you want. 

What makes the BMW Pre-Owned Vehicle Certification program so great? For one thing, it requires all eligible cars to have between 300 and 60,000 miles on its odometer. For another thing, its repair standards are very high. Every car muss pass a thorough inspection to check for broken parts so they can be fixed. Parts that can't be fixed make the car ineligible for certification.

Are you interested in learning more about the BMW Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program? Call our showroom at BMW of Denver Downtown so a member of our sales staff can show you what else it offers.



Categories: Pre-Owned Inventory
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