Service Your Transmission to Protect Your Investment

Whenever you have taken your vehicle in for an oil change, you likely have seen transmission services on the price list. Unfortunately, many people think this is just an option before it’s too late. Transmissions are designed for the life of your vehicle and are included in many warranties. However, the catch is that you need to service this component on a regular basis.

Your transmission is filled with vital fluid that controls temperature, lubricates the many gears and other moving parts, and helps provide a smooth driving experience. However, this fluid, like engine oil, eventually breaks down due to heat, particle contamination, and age. This will cause your vehicle to shift and rev up improperly.

Don’t wait for your transmission to fail before servicing it. BMW of Denver Downtown has the expertise to drain and clean your entire system, helping it work like new. Call us today since changing fluid is much more affordable than a new transmission!

Categories: Service
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